Being elegant means being “put together”. An elegant woman is always punctual, reliable, and makes an entrance gracefully. She would never arrive late, only to go on about how busy she is and how many important things she had to do. Elegance is not chaotic.

How does one be consistently punctual?

*Organization is key.

Always keep a schedule whether it is in a notebook or smart phone, keeping an accurate schedule is essential. Make it a habit to consistently check it the day before so as to be able to be prepared for the coming day.

* Gather any special materials you might need for the next days activities the day before or the week before depending on how labor intense the preparations may be.

*Always keep things in good repair.

Make certain that everything from your clothes to your car are in the best condition possible. This lessens the likelihood of something falling apart, your car not starting, or unacceptable clothing creating a crisis.

*Don’t over commit.

It does impress anyone that you have to rush from one commitment to the next. Some people believe that this makes them worthy or sought out. Its just simply egotistical and annoying. Politely decline an invitation should your schedule already be full. Never cancel or not attend an event just because something better came along. Once you accept an invitation then you should attend.

*Leave plenty of time.

Having an elegant morning routine that allows you the surety of knowing the length of your preparation time is very helpful in attending important events as well as volunteer obligations and the workplace. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for and travel to the event.

*Upon arrival collect yourself and quietly enter the event, even if it is just your regular workplace. Excuse yourself to the ladies room to efficiently check hair, makeup and clothing so as to make a lovely first impression to anyone. Then walk away from the mirror and forget about making too frequent trips to the ladies room. Overdoing the primping is not elegant. One wants to seem effortlessly put together.

*Mingle and make polite conversation as you pay attention to carrying yourself with poise, quiet confidence, and grace. Never stand in the corner and scowl. Being punctual will always put you in the spotlight. Others that know you will want to seek you out because you are reliable and pleasant to be around.

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