An elegant woman does not chatter. She does not wear her heart on her sleeve for all to see. Revealing all of her personal life at work or at play is not in good taste. Chattering is boring and does not make you sought out. Of course one may share her fondest dreams and some personal matters with a close friend in private. This is the best discretion to use. The elegant woman rarely talks about herself. She participates in conversations with utmost care for her dignity as well as her reputation. She does not divulge her thoughts on the latest controversial subject nor does she involve herself in political discussions. Instead she prefers to listen intently and remain neutral. If she has a strong opinion or criticism she keeps it to herself in order to maintain her character. An elegant woman keeps a smile on her face that is genuine and kind. She makes a point of not staying in one place too long during a social gathering but rather, mingles around the room to greet and meet everyone so as not to offend or neglect anyone. As a hostess she sees to it that all in attendance feel welcome and as comfortable as is appropriate. She does not hurry her conversation or voice the triumphs of her children often. An elegant woman remains positive and polite. She steers away from negative conversations and never complains. She may express frustrations to close friends in private only as a means to find a solution. She sees and speaks of the good in everyone as much as possible.

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