It is important to make an elegant first impression. Just as important is keeping up appearances. To do this in a healthy and positive way is what an elegant woman strives for ultimately. There are a number of ways to make this become rather effortless most of the time.


* Keep things simple.


Think quality instead of quantity. When buying something for yourself or for your home take the time to determine if you really need it and if it is of lasting quality. The less you have, the less you have to upkeep and worry about. If you are wealthy enough to have staff that takes care of things, you still have to direct them.


* Be conscious of your speech.


Never speak ill of anyone else. This saves you the awkward situations and hurt feelings of others as well as helping to keep your life positive and straight forward. You are less likely to become entangled in negative talk or situations if you stay clear in focus and kind in speech.


* Be impeccable with your word.


Be careful not to over-commit yourself. It is better to spend enough time to do things right on one thing than to do too many things and not be able to do them well. When you do commit to doing something be sure to follow through and be true to your word. Even the smallest things are important. Children are most important to keep your word to. They are impressionable at any age and will admire you if you keep your promises.

Make promises to anyone wisely. Although intentions are usually good, trust will not come if you aren’t impeccable with your word.


*Keep good company.


Be careful as to the company you keep. “Show me who you run with and I’ll show you who you are” applies here. Others will make assumptions about you based solely on who they see you with. No matter the social status of a person, be aware of the person that they are on the inside. If they are not honest and kind don’t bother spending time with them. Greet them politely and move on.


* Stay put together

With an Elegant morning routine and an awareness of yourself you will stay put together in appearance. Leave enough time in your schedule to be able to groom yourself properly and wear clothing that is simple but elegant, not in disrepair. Routinely taking care of the basics such as making sure you have gas in your car or are current with your bills and events ensures that you will be an elegant woman always.


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