The elegant woman has a way of eating that is considered lady-like and delicate. The way of woman conducts herself in public or in private at the table or while mingling at the latest social event is one of the most visible first impressions one may experience. There are a few simple hints that will guide you to make a good impression without going hungry.


*An elegant woman may occasionally state that she is “famished” but she would never use the terms of “starving” or “I could eat a horse”, for example. She should eat small amounts at reasonable intervals throughout the day so as to take the best care of herself and never be subject to Bingeing.


*Consider the offerings in regards to possible stains on your clothing. For instance, avoid eating spaghetti with red sauce especially if you are wearing white or a light color or take only a very small portion of a dish that is oily or laden with sauces. This is the most healthy thing to do as well.


*Never overload your plate. Take small portions and have plenty of space in your dish for food. There has been a tradition among women for ages to eat before they go out so as to avoid the human nature to overindulge. An elegant woman must remember to appreciate the first three bites in their entirety.


*Be aware of finger foods and crumbs. When gloves were all the rage among elegant ladies the rules about eating finger foods were strict. Now that they are out of style it is acceptable for a lady to partake of such but with awareness to eat delicately, taking small bites and using a napkin often for both hands and the corners of the mouth to ensure that you do not retain any unsightly crumbs or food on yourself.


*Eat slowly. Eating too quickly may cause gastric upset as well as appear as if you are living in a dormitory where there is not enough food for all. Take your time to chew each bite and savor the flavors.


*Never talk with your mouth full. When you chew your mouth should remain closed so as not to make unladylike noises. It also makes certain that food remains in your mouth and is not spewed elsewhere. Speaking with food in your mouth is quite simply rude and creates an awful site for present company.


*Never comment on food you don’t like. A simply and quietly stated, “I don’t care for any, thank you” will suffice. Going on about your dislikes is poor manners and insulting to your host or restaurant guests.


*One should never criticize the host or hostess. It is in poor taste to openly criticize or critique a social event that another has worked hard to organize. Always thank your host or hostess when you depart. If the event was truly ghastly, make a point not to return for the next event hosted by the same. Kindly state that your schedule does not permit it and move on.


*Engage in polite and appropriate dinner or social conversation. Politics, religion, violence, crime, or sex should never enter into dinner table conversations. Talk little of yourself, answering appropriate questions of others politely. Avoid launching into long stories about yourself or your loved ones. Veer the talk to others by asking them questions about themselves or current events. Smile politely and listen intently.

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