My Elegant Woman Beauty Routine


Elegant Women establish elegant and efficient beauty routines. Keeping these simple is key to maintaining one’s image. The Sophisticate always pays attention to the details.

  1. Wake the same time every day and retire immediately to the bathroom.
  2. Perform dental hygiene. Draw your bath water at the same time.
  3. Skin brush entire body with boar bristle brush using a circular motion.
  4. Enter the bath then wash and condition hair immediately.
  5. Add essential oils and olive oil to the bath.
  6. Use a French or Italian milled soap for cleansing.
  7. Shave all areas that an Elegant Woman would shave.
  8. Push back cuticles for both hands and feet.
  9. Use a pumice stone for heels and elbows.
  10. Exit the bath and dry skin briskly with a fluffy towel.
  11. Apply facial moisturizer.
  12. Apply body lotion the same scent as your perfume.
  13. Don your matching undergarments.
  14. Apply makeup
  15. Style hair
  16. Step into your outfit for the day, paying close attention to details.
  17. Apply perfume by spraying into the air in front of you and stepping into it.
  18. Examine nails. Fix any minute details such as chips or snags. Apply oil to cuticles.
  19. Have a light breakfast of coffee or tea and fruit.
  20. Check your schedule for the day and your purse to make sure you are organized.

Elegant Eating

The elegant woman has a way of eating that is considered lady-like and delicate. The way of woman conducts herself in public or in private at the table or while mingling at the latest social event is one of the most visible first impressions one may experience. There are a few simple hints that will guide you to make a good impression without going hungry.


*An elegant woman may occasionally state that she is “famished” but she would never use the terms of “starving” or “I could eat a horse”, for example. She should eat small amounts at reasonable intervals throughout the day so as to take the best care of herself and never be subject to Bingeing.


*Consider the offerings in regards to possible stains on your clothing. For instance, avoid eating spaghetti with red sauce especially if you are wearing white or a light color or take only a very small portion of a dish that is oily or laden with sauces. This is the most healthy thing to do as well.


*Never overload your plate. Take small portions and have plenty of space in your dish for food. There has been a tradition among women for ages to eat before they go out so as to avoid the human nature to overindulge. An elegant woman must remember to appreciate the first three bites in their entirety.


*Be aware of finger foods and crumbs. When gloves were all the rage among elegant ladies the rules about eating finger foods were strict. Now that they are out of style it is acceptable for a lady to partake of such but with awareness to eat delicately, taking small bites and using a napkin often for both hands and the corners of the mouth to ensure that you do not retain any unsightly crumbs or food on yourself.


*Eat slowly. Eating too quickly may cause gastric upset as well as appear as if you are living in a dormitory where there is not enough food for all. Take your time to chew each bite and savor the flavors.


*Never talk with your mouth full. When you chew your mouth should remain closed so as not to make unladylike noises. It also makes certain that food remains in your mouth and is not spewed elsewhere. Speaking with food in your mouth is quite simply rude and creates an awful site for present company.


*Never comment on food you don’t like. A simply and quietly stated, “I don’t care for any, thank you” will suffice. Going on about your dislikes is poor manners and insulting to your host or restaurant guests.


*One should never criticize the host or hostess. It is in poor taste to openly criticize or critique a social event that another has worked hard to organize. Always thank your host or hostess when you depart. If the event was truly ghastly, make a point not to return for the next event hosted by the same. Kindly state that your schedule does not permit it and move on.


*Engage in polite and appropriate dinner or social conversation. Politics, religion, violence, crime, or sex should never enter into dinner table conversations. Talk little of yourself, answering appropriate questions of others politely. Avoid launching into long stories about yourself or your loved ones. Veer the talk to others by asking them questions about themselves or current events. Smile politely and listen intently.

Keeping up Appearances

It is important to make an elegant first impression. Just as important is keeping up appearances. To do this in a healthy and positive way is what an elegant woman strives for ultimately. There are a number of ways to make this become rather effortless most of the time.


* Keep things simple.


Think quality instead of quantity. When buying something for yourself or for your home take the time to determine if you really need it and if it is of lasting quality. The less you have, the less you have to upkeep and worry about. If you are wealthy enough to have staff that takes care of things, you still have to direct them.


* Be conscious of your speech.


Never speak ill of anyone else. This saves you the awkward situations and hurt feelings of others as well as helping to keep your life positive and straight forward. You are less likely to become entangled in negative talk or situations if you stay clear in focus and kind in speech.


* Be impeccable with your word.


Be careful not to over-commit yourself. It is better to spend enough time to do things right on one thing than to do too many things and not be able to do them well. When you do commit to doing something be sure to follow through and be true to your word. Even the smallest things are important. Children are most important to keep your word to. They are impressionable at any age and will admire you if you keep your promises.

Make promises to anyone wisely. Although intentions are usually good, trust will not come if you aren’t impeccable with your word.


*Keep good company.


Be careful as to the company you keep. “Show me who you run with and I’ll show you who you are” applies here. Others will make assumptions about you based solely on who they see you with. No matter the social status of a person, be aware of the person that they are on the inside. If they are not honest and kind don’t bother spending time with them. Greet them politely and move on.


* Stay put together

With an Elegant morning routine and an awareness of yourself you will stay put together in appearance. Leave enough time in your schedule to be able to groom yourself properly and wear clothing that is simple but elegant, not in disrepair. Routinely taking care of the basics such as making sure you have gas in your car or are current with your bills and events ensures that you will be an elegant woman always.


Elegant Hair

An Elegant Beauty, 63.5 x 53.3 cm, Private col...
An Elegant Beauty, 63.5 x 53.3 cm, Private collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Simply elegant hair is almost effortless. By keeping hair simple we always have a smile on our face knowing that we are put together impeccably and not a hair is out of place.  Elegant hair doesn’t always mean an up-do.  Although the classic french chignon is timeless elegance we do find a simple bob or shoulder length hair just as elegant. There are no chunks of color here. If you must have highlights use the finest of strands to note a subtle change of color.  Black hair becomes harsh as we age and may be adjusted to a complimentary brown that is softer to the eye. Blonde hair is high maintenance and must be tended to regularly. As with any color, always keep it smooth by conditioning regularly and use products that make it flow smoothly rather than become stiff and dull.  Shine is always elegant in hair and is most important as we age as well. Simple elegant hair is flowing, smooth, with a simple cut that is pleasing to the eye, classic but not dowdy, and reflective of one’s personality. If you want to be taken seriously and take pride in being professional then use a brunette up-do or bob to your advantage. If you are bubbly and upbeat socialite then by all means use your blonde to it’s full potential.  Hair is often typecast like that and although we are always free to choose any color and style that we like, it does us a service to pay attention to the common notions that go with a style.

This may all sound a bit stuffy and you may balk at my blatant old-fashioned reasoning but go ahead and take a casual poll among a diverse group of people and you will find that brunette still says “scholar and serious” while blonde says “social and rarely serious”. Changing your hair may not change your social status in a day but it may eventually take you down a different road. Beware of the cost of not being yourself.



Simple Skin Care for the Elegant Woman

English: An elegant beauty. Oil on Canvas, 195...
English: An elegant beauty. Oil on Canvas, 195.9 x 117.5 cm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Becoming an elegant woman does not require one to spend money on each new skin care product that declares itself  to have the newest state of the art research. Expensive skin creams need not be included in your beauty regimen. There are some natural products that do well in taking care of your skin without additives or toxins. One may use a pretty jar to put them in to dress them up or hide them away in their beauty basket for safe-keeping. An elegant woman never reveals the secrets of her beauty regimen except to consult with her closest friends in private. Skin care as well as the full beauty regimen should be carried out systematically in a timely manner. That is not to say that an elegant woman may not enjoy her routines as such. Part of the joy of being an elegant woman is the full knowledge and confidence that she is taking great care of herself. Simple skin care begins with consistency and effort.


*Upon rising splash cold water on your face.
Never use soap in the morning as it washes away the nourishing oils that have protected your skin while sleeping. (The exception to this is the young woman who is still experiencing an overproduction of oils in her skin.)


* Exercise
Performing strength exercises such as yoga or pilates and aerobic exercise such as dance, walking or running is part of a good skin care regimen. This ensures that one has optimal circulation and causes us to sweat which is the body’s way of ridding ourselves of toxins.


*Dry skin brushing
After exercise is the time to use dry skin brushing. Use a natural brush with stiff bristles as one can stand. Brush your skin in small circular motions as you move gradually up towards the heart. If you have a history of poor health/blood clots speak to your doctor before you try skin brushing. It must be done with care for the body. Dry skin brushing is good for circulation as well as exfoliation.


If it is the tradition of the ladies in your culture or region to shave your body then do so at this time in your regimen every morning to maintain a clean and smooth appearance. Should you need to address facial hair, do so on a day or a time that you can spend privately. Take your time to do it carefully and leave your skin bare for a time afterward to allow it to recover from the stress.


Each morning after exercise, skin brushing, and shaving is the time to shower or bathe. One may use an antibacterial soap if your immune system is poor or an elegant french or Italian-milled soap. Shower gels with moisturizers are lovely as well. You may find these specialty items at liquidation stores for a frugal buy. Cleanse your whole body carefully and completely. Consistent cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of being an elegant woman. One may be dressed in the finest of clothes or be part of the highest society and yet not considered elegant if they are not clean.


Use natural products to moisturize your skin such as coconut oil which has its own pleasant fragrance or olive oil that you may add a few drops of scent or essential oil to for a heavenly fragrance. Cover every inch of your body to deter the dry winter wind or the effects of water and sun in the summer. Moisturizing every day assures the elegant woman that she is beautiful and glowing.